FINdustries Manifesto

7 Beliefs on the Future of Work and What It Means to Join Our Mission

FINdustries is NOT just a company.  We exist to help people thrive, and to create a livelihood that supports the development of ourselves, our families, our clients, and our communities.  

Our team aims to offer our clients and community the right solutions from the right providers – to help them thrive.  We enhance the ultimate client deliverable by integrating the core values of cooperation and competition (co-opetition) and aligned incentives => an approach which we believe will increase and expand our clients’ global presence and success. 

By inviting these ideals, approaches, and work ethics we intend to manifest a change of lifestyle, one which impacts the quality of outcome, quality, and ultimate experience for the client, their customers and users, our partners, and team members, as well as the greater community.

By aligning ourselves to create the best solutions, we challenge conventional rules as our manifesto directs us to evolve.

1. We believe that being human is valuable in itself.

You’re a gift to this world.  Your experiences, your dreams, your desires, and your existence is a gift.  The journey you took to get here is valuable.  The journey you are taking to get where you want to be is valuable.  We see your value.

2. We believe that work done with friends and for friends creates the best environment for all of us to thrive.

Working with friends creates new opportunities, creativity and creation flow through our relationships.  Within every conversation, every contact, every collaboration, the people you interact with are more than just the one-dimension of their careers.  Working with friends enables us to experience the totality of life and build from a foundation of togetherness.  The authenticity of caring about the people you work with vs. caring about the work they produce, is amazing: it’s beautiful to help your friends grow, seeing them shining, and growing in every area of their lives.

3. We believe the value of your work can be realized in relation to the value created for the community.

Work is meant to support life and life is the process of discovering yourself, manifesting your vision, and growing through our interconnections.  We find extractionary work practices to stifle life, to stifle creativity, and innovation.  Work needs a new paradigm to meet the information ages and our team is creating that model.  We, the FINdustries community, are shifting work from hunting and gathering to an agricultural model.  Providing everyone who grows the crop with a share of the harvest.

4. We create environments where transformational growth occurs and you’re supported to live through play.

“When work becomes play, and play becomes your work, your life unfolds.” – Robert Frost

When you’re following your dreams and feel the support by a community that wants you to succeed there is no limit to the amount of play available in your life.  FINdustries provides our community with the opportunity to live a life of play and generate an income that allows for experimentation and discovery.  By working together, we are able to help each other grow and thrive.

5. Innovation requires stepping into the unfamiliar, we embrace the unknown.

What we know got us here, what we don’t will advance us further.  By embracing the unknown, we acknowledge that we are here to learn and grow.  We acknowledge that we are evolving.  We evolve through our discovery and in our individual evolution we innovate.  And our innovation comes from our curiosity and our desire to leave the world a better place.  

6. We decide the economies in which we participate, we create an economy that values humanity.

A simple view of an economy is a collection of transactions.  At the most fundamental level, this is true.  Every time you buy something, you’re participating in an economy.  When you trade your skills, services, or products, you’re creating the economy.  Our economic drivers treat humanity as a priority, raise consciousness, and promote the self-actualization of our members.  When you work with FINdustries, you’re supporting the evolution of yourself and the community.

7. We believe that all experience is valuable.

Every day we have the opportunity to learn, to lead, to adapt.  We are a community dedicated to growth, and growth comes through expansion and contraction.  In the expansion, we thrive.  In the contraction, we learn more about ourselves.  Contraction is a gift that allows us to see the spaces where we can best help our friends, to help our community, and grow together.  Through our experiences, we find that all experience is necessary for our evolution.  We celebrate the positive and learn through the negative, and once we learn from the negative, our experiences are neutral at the least and quite possibly positive.

Join Us in Shaping FINdustries’s Future

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