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FINdustries’ Partnership Network creates more value for your clients.

Solve your Work/Life Balance Problem

Only being paid for hours worked leads to burnout and fatigue. FINdustries believes that we can transition to an agricultural mindset towards our compensation.

Why FINdustries Works

  • Get Compensated for Your Connections

    You are compensated for the clients you introduce to the network who ultimately sign a contract for a tech project.

  • Put in the Upfront Work and Watch those pay Dividends

    This new compensation method enables you to put work upfront as you introduce connections and then watch that work net income well into the future.

  • Transition from Hunter-Gatherer to Agricultural Work

    It is time to get our lives back and not spend every waking moment working. Experience a new way to work at FINdustries.

FINdustries is creating a new Economy that encourages Work/Life integration

FINdustries is a team of professionals who have experienced the burnout and dread that comes with 80 hour + work weeks. It is our mission to create a network that can give value to all individuals involved. We have assembled the best tech execution specialist available so that you can introduce your clients to the right solution.

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Get paid from the connections you have introduced!

There is a unique benefit to joining this network. Agents are compensated based on the clients they introduce to the FINdustries Partners Marketplace who ultimately sign a contract with an execution specialist. This creates an ecosystem that can provide passive income for an agent as they introduce more clients to the network. Traditionally agents are compensated for their time which is a hunter-gatherer approach. Within FINdustries partners agents can plant their seeds, clients, and reap the rewards passively as those clients begin selecting technical solutions from the network. FINdustries Partners aims to create a new way for individuals to work and be compensated.